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IMMACULATE FORM- Senso Gallery Bucharest

May 2016

What Nicolae Moldovan propose us for the Senso Gallery exhibition reveals his relationship with the world: synthetic, sculptural, efficient. The artist’s perception on forms of immediate reality generates in his art lines, edges, volumes. Its sophisticated hinges, as of metal are net inserts, defined volumes. The cut meshes are all lancet windows and columns and folds follow in firm rhythms. Any increase has its decrease. The abused forms, or, in some cases, suspended, find a mysterious reflex in contorted hugs.


(Dr. Mădălina Mirea, PhD art critic)

What can be said about the modernist aesthetics of the sculptor-ceramist' s works, which exploits the tension of the parts, most often of complementary type itself, with rough interventions, a kind of ad-hoc surrealism, or, if we want, an irony to a classic syntax, the "avant-garde" variant.


(Constantin Hosciuc, art critic)

Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery

May 2015

I continue my journey in searching of forms cleaned of unnecessary details, that of the essential forms. I kept all the works present in this personal exhibition in a range of dark grey colours and took them in the direction of metal, says the artist Nicolae Moldovan.

The curator of the exhibition, Cristina Popescu Russu, says that the artist's works appear to be designed for the public space. You look at them and want them located somewhere on the green lawn, or imagine them as oversized architectures for quiet contemplation.


TWIN FORMS- Mogoșoaia Cultural Center

June 2014

Nicolae Moldovan has chosen a path, the path of simplicity of shapes.

He is always trying to invent new abstract forms, curved but strong at the same time.

"In some of my works I use interaction between the main form and its joined form," says the artist. Performed using a technique from the Neolithic period, his forms make the connection between the earthly past and the space future without the presence of the human figure. These forms give us the opportunity to look beyond the real, in the imaginary world of the artist. "Nicolae Moldovan initiates a course in the Romanian sculpture. He is not only a minimalist, he is equally surreal and to the same extent a visionary..." says the art historian.


Doina Mândru, art critic

Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery

April 2012

This exhibition brings together works that live mainly through the pure, elementary form and the power given by it.

(Nicolae Moldovan)



Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery

June 2019
Afis Ingemanari GG.jpg

Nicolae Moldovan is one of the most active ceramic artists in Bucharest. He is always on the road between his studio in Timișoara and the students he tutors in Bucharest. Yet from time to time, the artist takes his leisure and generates supple and pure simili-sculptural shapes. For one can recognize Nicolae Moldovan's works in whatever context: they are pieces of unambiguous volumes made of (engobed) clay, of stoneware or of porcelain, bearing small, but meaningful chromatic accents. The joggle-joint shapes are made essential; they remind the ancestral tools whose usefulness seems lost nowadays. The smooth surface of these tamed and relaxing volumes invites you to touch them. Each work is a small container of distilled thoughts, where the artist coagulates the first and the last moments of shape's genesis, after they were largely negociated with a superior instance. Sometimes it's the artist who gains, at other times the shapes stand for the victor, and this balance is both spectacular and attractive.

Madalina Mirea, art critic 

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